Zooba MOD APK 2.10.0 (No reloading skills) Latest Version Download

Zooba MOD APK 2.10.0 (No reloading skills) Latest Version Download

For those who love video games, nothing like too many battle games exist. Looking towards the love for action games increasing at such apace Games1Tech is here again with a battle game. In this write-up, it will be all about Zooba Mod Apk. This game is already very popular over the globe. We will tell you more about its features and will give you all information that you need to have. Just go through the text below.

Download Zooba MOD APK 2.10.0 (No reloading skills) Latest Version: 

Basic information about Zooba

Zooba is an abbreviation for ZOO Battle Arena. This game is a very interesting combination of MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) and the genre of survival. Players enter into a battle to find out who’s the boss of the entire Zoo. When we hear Zoo, we think of different animals in cages, but here players have to face these animals. This game is mostly about animals. So pick yours and prove everyone that Zoo belongs to you, and only you.

About characters

In the game, you are allowed to hand-pick your character. The character here is animals. Each animal has its unique strength and weak point. Zooba has many animals in the shop; you can get your favourite character from there whenever you like. Although, initially you will get to pick from only three characters as you play more you will be able to unlock many more characters and take all advantages from them. In the game, when you collect an adequate quantity of gold only then, you will be able to buy the animal of your choice. Therefore, from the beginning, only try to be so competitive that you don’t have to compromise anything later on.

About the battles

Battles in this game are just as fierce and brutal as any other MOBA game; the only difference is that here instead of humans or military people, animals are in charge. In the beginning of the level, you will be in on ground without any weapon. You will have to arm yourself as you walk further. Search in every corner to get weapons to aid you. One more important thing, you can only choose three weapons at a time, each weapon has one unique skill to help you face enemies, so choose wisely.

Zooba Apk

Before you enter into the battleground, pray a little that you happen to be on land which has a decent quality of weapons and less quantity of enemies. Battle games are all about action and survival but believe it or not; you need to have good luck as much as you need to have excellent skills to win. Don’t forget to get in safety circle in time. Otherwise, you’ll have to lose a life. Oh! And by the way, 19 other players will keep you company throughout the game unless they kill you or you, them.

Items you need to grab

Just like other battle games, Zooba’s battleground also has weapons and various essentials scattered around.  With good equipment, you may consider half the victory in your corner.

If by any chance you don’t get good weapons, we would suggest you focus on killing enemies, because when you kill someone (in the game), you can take their weapons. Be careful and do not indulge yourself in too many fights. Don’t give a chance to anyone to kill you.

Graphics are impressive too.

Zooba Apk

Zooba has very impressive and engaging graphics. Both graphics and characters are too cute for anyone to get bored. Players all over the world are already so attached with this game. Each character is designed in a cute but cool way so, it becomes really hard for you to ignore them.

Zooba MOD APK File Information:

File Size74.5 MB
Latest Version2.10.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesNo reloading skills

Zooba MOD APK Features:

  • Zooba belongs to the MOBA category and somewhat to the survival genre.
  • It has amazing gameplay.
  • You will collect your weapons on your own and can carry only three at a time.
  • Levels aren’t as easy as they seem; the whole game is very challenging.
  • Irresistible graphics


Most of all, all this you get for free, yes! You don’t have to worry about money at all. I say, you download this game now and show everyone on screen your gaming skills. Make your friends join because everybody needs to know about this masterpiece, after all so, do not waste single second thinking; just get this game on your devices.

What are you waiting for? Get your weapons, wag your tails, and let’s see who rules the Zoo.

Download Zooba MOD APK (No reloading skills) Latest Version

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