DEAD RAIN 2 : Tree Virus 1.0.15 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download

DEAD RAIN 2 : Tree Virus 1.0.15 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download

Dead Rain 2 is a 2D activity platformer where you play an overcomer of a zombie end of the world who needs to withstand assaults from the undead as well as from different survivors with pernicious goals.

Download DEAD RAIN 2 : Tree Virus 1.0.15 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Latest Version:

Dead Rain 2 — a continuation of the zombie shooter, where the central character is battling for survival in a world swarmed with the strolling lifeless. Progress has for quite some time been gone, the sky is a constant rain that spreads the infection that transforms individuals into zombies, and the trees are quickly becoming out of their bodies. As one of the survivors, you need to discover and spare the girl of the hero, who was lost in the confusion of the zombie Apocalypse. Shoot again from the contaminated, move articles to pass traps, gather game items, stars, etc.

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The controls in Dead Rain 2 are all around adjusted to contact gadgets. Utilize your left thumb to move your character from left to right and your correct thumb to bounce, shoot, use scuffle weapons, or do different sorts of activities. Your point in every one of the dimensions in Dead Rain 2 is to gather every one of the stars and brilliant 3D squares you find before you get as far as possible of the size. Besides between each stage, you can utilize every one of the assets you get the opportunity to redesign your group and gain new aptitudes. What’s more, you’ll need them, as your foes get more continuously grounded.

You will fall into a world that has been wrapped in an obscure infection, its urban communities are crying, and individuals are transforming into the dead, from which the branches develop. The principal character is searching for her girl; she was lost in the aftereffect of the departure, presently he thinks just about her, helps him adapt to the dead and discover a little girl. Keep running on wet destruction and murder strolling individuals on your way.

Dead Rain 2 is a brilliant activity platformer with a fun game framework, a dim and fascinating setting, and incredibly cool low poly designs. Join the Dead Rain 2; players will transform into a man fortunate to get by after a pandemic. He was headed to locate his missing spouse and girl. This isn’t simple since he is encompassed by threats always, and zombies can kill him whenever.

The guide in Dead Rain is a 2D map, partitioned into a few dimensions, and each floor has a lot of zombies. They will accumulate powers to assault any living animal they see. Although they have a dynamic nature, their activities and speed of movement are very radiant. You will apply your portability and spryness to battle them. In the meantime, utilize the weapons that the game gives to assault them, and ensure themselves. Notwithstanding, weapons assets appear to be inaccessible. Amid the match, you can get guns that show up in transit, or utilize the cash to get them in the store. Gathering of firearms is very differing, from rifles, SMG firearms to skirmish types, for example, the sled, blade … for you to pick.

In the wake of understanding the errands to be performed and the threats you may experience, we will find out about the character control system. In general, the control system is very straightforward because Dead Rain 2 is only a 2D game. You will tap the symbols, flawlessly masterminded on either side of the screen to perform moves, climb and assault adversaries. Your character has a specific measure of blood, at that point, keep up it via looking for provisions and dodging the assault that the adversary causes.

Dead Rain 2 has ongoing interaction and a convincing storyline, yet the illustrations are additionally a feature, bringing a distinction. Even though its setting was worked in a somewhat dull world, and the presence of alarming zombies, however under the quick structure of the creator, the foundation ended up whimsical and brought progressively masterful. All models are hand-painted and are deliberately painted. You may like this designs stage, directly from the first occasion when you experience

DEAD RAIN 2 Mod Apk Features:

  • various stages
  • Various abilities
  • Exploiting the shortcoming of zombies
  • fun of control
  • Combat with different supervisors
  • Hidden components for each stage
  • Distinctive illustrations

What’s New:

  • Bug Fixed

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DEAD RAIN 2 Mod Apk Gameplay Screenshots:

dead rain 2 apk download
dead rain 2 apk download
dead rain new zombie virus mod apk
dead rain new zombie virus mod apk

DEAD RAIN 2 Apk Trailer:

Download DEAD RAIN 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Latest Version:

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